Landfill Avoidance

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 30% of all landfill waste comes from building construction sites. Energy Environmental is avoiding this through reusing and recycling the building materials for the home. We are utilizing a large amount of salvaged material from the previous home as well as reclaimed and recycled material. See our Recycled/Reused Materials page for more details. Efficient use of these materials has generated such little waste, that we do not even need a dumpster on site. In addition, some of our materials, such as sheathing, will be taken to Waste-Not Recycling, which recycles a range of materials, including construction and building materials.

Waste-Not Recycling

Waste-Not is currently the only full-service construction waste recycling company in the state of Colorado, offering comprehensive onsite recycling services. The company recycles wood and cardboard, as well as metal, concrete, gypsum sheathing office paper, and commingled beverage containers. In the near future, the program will be expanded to include recycling of carpet and asphalt shingles.

Construction waste recycling programs are tremendously challenging to begin and to maintain. Waste-Not Recycling has overcome these obstacles by adapting years of experience in recycling with large, corporate clients, as well as by forming a recycling team with years of experience in working with builders. The company has a proven formula that combines building knowledge and consistent, strong training in order to make the onsite recycling programs effective. Waste-Not also has the ability to provide consulting services in setting up construction waste recycling programs, waste analysis and reduction, environmental business audits, and energy efficiency. The company is in the process of becoming a regional partner in the Energy Star program, as well as certifying members of the construction waste recycling team as LEED consultants.

Construction waste and daily recycling is an important aspect of any LEED project. Waste-Not Recycling, Inc. has worked on many LEED projects in northern Colorado. Detailed management, diversion reporting and specific site recommendations are what set Waste-Not Recycling ahead of our competitors.